International Projects

May 2016 Update

Last month I was in the DR for two weeks. My host home during this trip was with the Pastora who is the pastor of a church called Ojos de Aguilas located in Santiago. 

I made a couple of day trips and overnight trips to the campo. While in the campo I was with my dear friends that I mentioned in the last update about the husband being attacked... He had injuries to the head. He is  now doing very well and able to work. 

Along with others that I spent time with in the campo,  I also visited with the family who we built a new little house for during my last trip there. I checked to see what else they may be in need of and we were able to supply them with a large barrel that can hold water. They have no running water so now they have something to hold rain  water and water that they collect from the river. 

Construction on the new little church being built in the campo is on hold right now while waiting for additional funds needed to finish it. I met with the pastor who is facilitating the new church building and we discussed plans for use of the new church. During my trips I will be able to use the church building for counseling and other Christ-centered activities...


As always, I am looking forward to my next trip!

July 2018 Update 

After founding Out of Poverty, which obtained federal recognition as an exempt nonprofit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, I held off from travels during 2017 to focus on initial organizing tasks, implement local tasks and projects, and to prepare for future international projects. I am excited to now be planning for my next trip to the Dominican Republic which is just a few months away, in the fall of this year!

Along with the poverty-stricken community mentioned above, I will also be helping out at an orphanage in another small nearby town. I had visited this orphanage on a previous trip and it continues to  have ongoing, unaddressed needs. I will be doing trauma assessment, consultation, and training with orphanage staff and helpers. The orphanage will also be helped with needed food, clothing, repairs, and supplies.  

Pictures from April 2016.

Starting in 2014 I started traveling to the DR (Dominican Republic) a few times a year to visit and help out in an orphanage and with a small community of people living in great poverty in the mountainous town of Potrero located outside of the city of Santiago. When I go I spend time with the people and the children, learning about their struggles and hurts and supporting them emotionally, spiritually, and physically as much as I am able. Each trip, I take and distribute items such as Bibles (in Spanish), clothing, and health supplements... I also purchase items while there such as shoes, food, and medicine... I love going there and being able to help in this way. I also love simply spending time with everyone and listening to them talk and share about their lives  - and being able to share in their lives during the short periods of time that I am there. 

​In November of 2016  Out of Poverty, a nonprofit corporation was formed to help address the great need of those who do not have adequate resources or access to other helping agencies, both here locally and in the Dominican Republic.

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