J. Piña Clinical Services
JoAnn K. Piña Park, LPC

May 2019 Update

The fall and time in general, it seems for me, is passing so quickly... I went to the Dominican Republic in October of 2018 and had an amazing time at the orphanage and in the local community. At the orphanage, it was awesome to be able to assist alongside orphanage staff and volunteers in getting running water onto the property, and to be able to provide the funds for materials and labor. By the time I left, there was running water! It was also wonderful to spend time with the boys, talking and playing and hearing their hearts, visiting the school they attend, as well as assessing and planning with staff for ongoing and future needs of the orphanage.

​This trip took me to a new community, local to the orphanage and stricken with poverty, for consideration in assisting them as we are able.  I went to several community meetings with 2 caring and compassionate community leaders. We met with the mayor and with many residents. I heard their hearts as they shared about their town. I saw the needs of homes in disrepair, children and older adults with disabilities and limitations without needed medical and assistive devices.  

I am looking forward to and currently planning for my trip in October 2019. 

Pictures from October 2018.

International Projects

Starting in 2014 I started traveling to the DR (Dominican Republic) a few times a year to visit and help out in an orphanage and with a small community of people living in great poverty in the mountainous town of Potrero located outside of the city of Santiago. When I go I spend time with the people and the children, learning about their struggles and hurts and supporting them emotionally, spiritually, and physically as much as I am able. Each trip, I take and distribute items such as Bibles (in Spanish), clothing, and health supplements... I also purchase items while there such as shoes, food, and medicine... I love going there and being able to help in this way. I also love simply spending time with everyone and listening to them talk and share about their lives  - and being able to share in their lives during the short periods of time that I am there. 

​In November of 2016  Out of Poverty, a nonprofit corporation was formed to help address the great need of those who do not have adequate resources or access to other helping agencies, both here locally and in the Dominican Republic.

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